Connection, Growth, and Something New

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Tribes need leadership.  Sometimes one person leads, sometimes more.  People want connection and growth and something new.   I am a big fan of Seth Godin and I am a big fan of short to the point books.  So his book Tribes was right up my ally.  To the point but with a big impact.  Godin uses the line above to talk about leadership and how there are “tribes” or groups of people that need leadership. There is a need for leadership in our families.  As we have discussed before we are all in a leadership role as parents.  Our family needs leadership!  I believe that our families need a leader more than they need us to be their friend or even their parent.  Because a great leader has the abilityRead more …

No More Tolerating Today

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A national day of gratitude.  This Thanksgiving I am sure I fall into the category that most of us do where we consider ourselves blessed.  When all is said and done today is a day like any other day.  The difference is we set aside time to look for the things we have and not the have nots. So many times in our lives we are looking toward tomorrow, next year, or 10 years from now.  While we need to have a vision of where we want to be we can’t get lost in the destination and forget the journey.  We get caught up in everything we are trying to get done and it makes us simply tolerate today.  We only tolerate it enough to make it through another 24 hours.Read more …

Your Family Is More About Where You Are Born

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Who do you call family?  If you are talking to most people it will consist of mom, dad, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, or some combination of these relatives.  I would say the same thing.  For the most part, our family is due to the relationships with the people of the family we are born into. As I have been studying families and organizations I have come to the realization that family has less to do with who you are born to and more to do with the relationships you have.  I believe that people can become family with someone they have never met as they get to know that person. There are two things that I believe tie us together as a family and the first is as simple and at theRead more …

The Hinges Of Life

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Door Hinges

  When you look at your family what do you think the biggest competition is? Just like in business your family has all sorts of competition out there. It may be other organizations that are trying to chip away at your family values or some other activity that is vying for your time and taking you away from your family. Sometimes this competition might seem overwhelming and there is nothing we can do to win.   When those times come I want you to go to your closet. Yes, your closet! I know what you are thinking, maybe I should just pick out those comfy close and just climb back into bed. We all know that comfy closes and climbing back into bed can solve some things but not this.Read more …

Leaders Have Dirty Hands

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     Right now our family is in the middle of a process where we are trying to sell our house. If any of you have been through this before you know that you live in constant fear of two things. The first is you are going to get a call where you find out that someone is coming over to your house in 10 min to take a look. The second is your kids will actually be kids and get their toys out and get the house dirty.      It has been a real eye opener for us because there are times where we don’t feel like we live in our house but we are on display in our house. If there is one thing that this experience has taught me isRead more …