Every Family Needs A Vision

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When our son was born our world was a whirlwind of new experiences. Not only were we first-time parents but he spent the first 3 weeks of his in the NICU (neonatal intensive care unit). During this time we spent a lot of time at his bedside and only left for a couple hours of sleep or when they would kick us out for nurse shift changes. As we worked with him to meet the milestones of progress he needed to be able to leave and go home with us for the first time there were many things we learned.   As he progressed one of the “tests” they would put parents through who had children who were going home with special needs is a night alone with them. ThereRead more …

Three Questions Parent Leaders Need To Ask

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3 Questions to Ask

If you have read some of our previous posts you know that I am a big fan of questions. I believe it is our questions that determine our reality so it is of the greatest importance that we are asking the right ones. Great leaders ask great questions because they know that the questions we ask lead to great conversations that bring about growth and change. These conversations can be with others in our family or internal conversations that lead to steps to becoming a better leader and person. Here are three great questions to ask about your parentship (Parent Leadership) and your family. How can we do this better?   Think of all the different activities you have going on in your home. These can be things like, whatRead more …

4 Ways To Motivate Your Children and Family

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Family Motivation

     One of the best classes I have ever been a part of was on the topic of motivation.  It really opened up a whole new world of thinking for me.  As we dove into the different aspects of what makes people do the things they do I realized that one of the most important things a leader can do for their team is help motivate them.      Motivation is everything in life.  Show me a person who is good at what they do in any aspect of life and I will show you a reason they are motivated to be great.  Great family organizations are the same.  As human beings the greatest gift we have and that we can give is our potential.  Potential is unlocked withRead more …

4 Things Dory’s Parents Taught Me About Parentship

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Our family has a love of Disney’s Pixar films.  I am sure we own most of them and there are a few of them that don’t even work anymore because they have been watched too many times.  Thank goodness for digital copies that hold up to little kid fingers better than those DVDs.  There is just something about the first time we get to watch these movies.  Maybe it is knowing that I will watch this show at least 100 more times in the coming years so I need to enjoy this time where it is new.  The show is just not as fun when you can recite every word of the show.  As an adult, there are just some points in these shows that stick out even more andRead more …

What My Son Needs To Know About Being a “Big” Boy

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I wrote this last year but the same thoughts came running back this year as my son celebrated his birthday this week. Birthdays are always bittersweet.  When they are your own you look at them as another year older and we get to the point where we just starting counting the years because we like to live in a place where father time does not win year after year.  When we are younger how we loved those birthdays to give us the badge of honor that we were getting bigger.  Our family just celebrated one of these bittersweet days with our son turning 6 years old.  Something he has been counting down to for the last 6 months.  Not a day would go by where he would forget to tellRead more …