The first step to being a good teacher

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Time to listen

     I have so many things I want to teach my children.  It seems there is never enough time in the day to tell them all the things I think they should know.  With how busy life gets with all the different things that are vying for attention, there is not much time for me to be able to just sit down with them and tell them the things I need them to know.     When that time does come where we have a few minutes together and the opportunity lends itself for me to put my dad hat on and impart some wisdom I have to take advantage.  So I spend the time telling them what I think they need to know for the situation and hope thatRead more …

3 Ways To Kickstart Your Family

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Best is yet to come

    One of the great things about living in the state of Idaho is that we get to experience all four seasons during the year.  There is nothing better than spring and fall in Idaho.  Summer lends itself during the year to camping trips and day trips to the mountains to play in the hills.  We even get the chance to experience winter every year.  You may have seen snow before but you have not really experienced winter until you have had the chance to push your car out of a snowbank.     Even if you have not had the pleasure of digging your car out of the snow you know what I am talking about if you have ever been stuck anywhere in your car.  Trying to goRead more …

Parent Leaders are Parent Readers

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Parent Leaders Are Parent Readers

       I’m starting with the man in the mirror.  I’m asking him to change his ways.  And no message could have been any clearer.  If you wanna make the world a better place, take a look at yourself, and them make a change.  It’s okay, you can keep singing because I know you were.  Read it again and you can even do a sing-along.       Regardless if you are a Michael Jackson fan or not, the message in this song rings home for us as parent leaders.  As we seek out to develop the leadership ability of the members of our family we need to start with that person in the mirror.  We live in an ever-changing world and in order to keep up we need to beRead more …

What McDonalds taught me about leading my family

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     So let me explain how a typical day of running errands goes in our family.  You are going to hear a lot of these questions. How much longer?  Can I just stay in the car?  How many more places do we have to go to?  That is not the worst part.  Go back and read these questions and do it in your most whiny, annoying voice.  The sad thing is that is just me asking all these questions, and believe me, I can be very whiny.  I hate to go shopping!      My wife has to put up with all that on top of what the kids bring to the table.  Needless to say, my plan of her just saying it is not worth the time and not makingRead more …

The Greatest Gift We Can Give

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The Best Gift We Can Give

    What did you want to grow up to be when you were younger?  I know we all had amazing dreams to become an astronaut, a firefighter, or maybe even a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle.  Don’t laugh there was a time where I might or might not have wanted to grow up to be a Ninja Turtle.  I mean fighting crime, know karate, and all I needed was some radioactive ooze to make it happen.  What can I say I had big plans.     As I grew older I realized that my lofty dreams of becoming a Ninja Turtle were not going to pan out.  So I set my sights just a bit lower and just wanted to be a star in the NBA.  We have all hadRead more …